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A rug for Christmas? or all year round!

A rug for christmas

Rugs are unjustly seen as an alternative to carpets and often many people do not think laying a rug on the carpet is necessary. However, this is simply not the case at Christmas, as people are dressing their homes with Christmas rugs and runners. And, loving the warm cosy feel.

With this in mind then, why don’t we do it all year long? Not Christmas! Just some rug decorating to add warmth and style once the Christmas decorations come down.

Do you need an area rug?

Yes, you need an area rug, because it will always make the room look finished to perfection.  An area rug helps define the space, adds softness, and pulls the whole room together. Plus, it’s really to pull the colours out of the rug up onto the sofas with a couple of cushions.

We think rugs are the most versatile type of flooring, capable of bringing a unique spark to a room. However, it’s all about how you use them, whether for the appearance, function or more.

On this basis, let’s talk a little more about rugs and how our flooring specialists are here to share how you can make the most out of a new rug purchase.

What can Rugs be used for?

Traditionally used on laminate or vinyl flooring for comfort, Rugs definitely bring a sense of style to a living room. This makes them ideal for family homes. Additionally, rugs operate as a safe space for children to play with toys and are easier for parents to hoover up.

Both warmth and comfort will always be the most common reason for browsing ranges of different rugs. But, as a floor buyer, you should be aware of how rugs are used as protective layers. Most commonly used to cushion furniture from affecting your wood flooring or just covering an imperfection.

Alongside ease and protection rugs are also a step towards updating your room or hallway. Starting as simple as bringing more colour to a dull room or as big as changing the colour theme. Or, even just slotting perfectly into the pre-existing décor, the colour of a rug alone can massively enhance a room’s appearance.

A Christmas rug, on a rug? Is that a thing?

Layering is becoming an increasingly popular way of dressing your rooms with rugs.  into homes. Choosing similar patterns or complimenting colours so you can layer rugs onto or next to each other is trendy and has become a popular look in contemporary living rooms. Double the rug, double the cosy and check out some layering rug ideas.

Christmas rugs or Seasonal rugs you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to affordable luxury rugs. Being in easy reach for Bolton, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan customers, the Welch Mill team are here to help.