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Bedroom re-design tips

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From the floor to the ceiling, your bedroom should be a place that is completely tailored to you. But if you feel like its time to give your boudoir a re-design and don’t know where to start, then we’re here to help. This is a quick run down of some easy tips and tricks that you can use in order to update your bedroom!

Bedroom Improvements

The first place to start is with a de-clutter! Decide what you need, then split everything else up into piles to either be thrown away or donated to a charity shop. Be really ruthless with yourself and only keep the things you love, will actually use on a day to day basis or the clothes that you do wear.

Once you’ve de-cluttered and ready to start afresh, you can then pick a theme that you want to follow throughout your bedroom. The theme could be a certain colour, one specific shade or even a distinct print. It’s really up to you.

And it’s completely up to you how far you want to go with the theme. You could just have pops of colour dotted around with some pillows, photo frames, and accessories. Or you could go all out and have matching bedding, curtains, carpets, the whole lot!

Talking about carpets, it’s important not to forget about them! Your carpets or flooring can really bring your room together and make it feel complete. The type of flooring that you chose will have an effect on the overall mood of your room. If you’re looking for something cosy then you may choose from a thicker pile carpet. However, if you want a more industrial feel, then you may chose to go with a dark wood grain laminate.

Carpet Showroom Warrington

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