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What’s the best flooring type for you if you’re a pet owner?

carpets st helens
We are a nation of pet lovers and that can’t be denied. But along with the wagging tails and wet noses comes the messy paws and long nails. So it’s crucial that your home and more importantly your carpet and flooring is able to withstand your pets!

Carpets St Helens

Maybe people avoid carpets, and we understand where the logic behind this comes from. For example dogs getting their nails getting caught in the loops or cats padding and pulling out the threads. But don’t despair! Many carpet St Helens and flooring manufacturers now actually create carpets with pets in mind, essentially they’re creating a pet proof carpet. If it’s something that you would be interested in, why not speak to one of our staff members to see what pet proof carpets we have in stock.

Laminate and vinyl

If carpets aren’t your thing, then why not look into laminate and vinyl flooring? Laminate is hard wearing and very scratch resistant which is a big positive however it’s less moisture resistant compared to vinyl. Another pro when it comes to vinyl is that that style of flooring tends to be quieter which means you won’t hear the pit-patter of the paws across your home.


If you’re looking at tiles for your flooring type, our best suggestion would be to use porcelain tiles. They’re strong, easy to clean and non-porous! Plus, your decoration and colour scheme choices can run wild if you do decide to go for tiles. You won’t be as restricted as you would be with something like laminate or even hard wood.

Welch Mill Carpets

So if your current flooring or carpet is flagging a little bit thanks to your beloved pet, then why not head down to the Mill to see what we can do to help!