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How to care for your Karndean flooring

karndean flooring showroom st helens
If you’re an avid reader of our blogs, you’ll know that we have previously written about Karndean flooring and what that style of flooring is. So this is the second part of the Karndean series. This blog is all about how to take care of your Karndean flooring St Helens.

Karndean flooring St Helens

For every day cleaning of the flooring, using a soft sweeping brush to collect any surface dust and debris. If you do want to use a vacuum cleaner, we suggest checking whether or not it would be suitable for use on Karndean flooring.

Once all the debris has been swept up, mix a pH neutral floor cleaner with the recommended amount and water and use that to mop the floor. Make sure to wring the mop out as much as possible so there’s no excess water on the floor. If there are any stubborn stains, use a non abrasive souring pad to remove it. Then make sure that the floor is dry before you start walking on it.

Every 12 – 18 months Karndean recommend refreshing your flooring. That involves using their Remove liquid to get rid of the ingrained dirt and any existing floor polish. Then, once the floor is dry, apply two layers of their Refresh liquid to bring back the satin finish and protect from any scratches and dints.

And it’s that simple! There isn’t a huge amount of cleaning steps to keep it looking as good as the day it was installed. The low maintenance of Karndean flooring St Helens is one of the key selling point of this flooring style.

Welch Mill Carpets

So here at Welch Mill, we carry a huge range of flooring which includes carpets, vinyl, laminate, rugs and more. Karndean flooring St Helens are one of our best sellers. And with the amount of styles and low maintenance is it any surprise why?