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Carpet and flooring terminology!

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So in the vast world that is carpet and flooring, there is a lot of industry specific terminology that comes along with it.  Here at Welch Mill Carpets, we decided to put together some of our most used and most important carpet terms!

  • Backing: It’s effectively the back of the carpet. It can be divided into two parts: primary and secondary backing. Primary backing provides the structure whereas the secondary backing provides a barrier from the carpet padding and floor.
  • Carpet Padding: This padding is the layer of cushion that’s installed between the floor board and the carpet.
  • Fibre: Every single carpet is made up of fibres. It could be seen as the building block of the actual carpet itself.
  • Indentations:  Indentations or dents happen when something heavy, such as a piece of furniture has been rested on the carpet for a long period of time. They can easily be avoided by making sure nothing is being left for a long period of time.
  • Pile: The pile is the part of the carpet that you can actually see. And pile height is what it says on the tin! The height from the backing of the carpet to the top!
  • Resilience: This just means how well the carpet can resist crushing and indentations.
  • Synthetic: Most carpets are made from synthetic fibres, fibres which are man made.
  • Tufts: Tufts are a group of fibres  that are twisted and wound together to make groups of fibres. An easier way to explain tufts is to imagine each tuft is an individual piece of carpet.

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So we hope that this blog has been useful when it comes to getting up to date with some carpet jargon!  And if you are ever in need of any carpet or flooring advice, get in touch with one of our team here at Welch Mill, where the trade buy!