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Which is better, laminate flooring or carpet?

Laminate flooring

When it comes to flooring, the superstore is your oyster here at Welch Mill Carpets! But we have that much of a range that it can be difficult to choose what exactly you want. So before you think about colours or patterns, you need to decide whether you are looking for laminate flooring or carpets. And that’s what we are here to help you decide!

Laminate flooring or carpets?

So the obvious difference between laminate and carpets is that laminate gives a wood or stone effect, whereas carpets are fabric and have a warmer feeling compared to laminate flooring. Both styles of flooring work in nearly every room in your home, but they both have different benefits to being in certain rooms.

Laminate flooring is very budget friendly, along with being very low maintenance and easy when it comes to any cleaning or upkeep. It’s also more practical in rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom due to the hard wearing and low maintenance properties. Laminate flooring could potentially be used in any room in the house, however it can be seen as quite a cold flooring which, to some people, makes it unsuitable for rooms like the living room or bedroom. However, there is nothing to stop you from layering up with rugs and accessories. After all, we do have an impressive range of rugs and flooring accessories in our superstore!

Carpets are usually slightly pricier than laminate flooring. But it depends on what kind of carpets you are looking into, and the level of luxury and plushness you want. As carpets are made from fabric, it automatically means they are harder to clean. Rather than a simple wipe down, having to clean carpets means you need to get a vacuum cleaner or even a steam cleaner on to it. However, carpet is much more comfortable on your feet when you’re getting out of bed on a cold morning than a cold laminate floor.

Welch Mill Carpets Bolton

It all depends on which room and what function you want your flooring to fulfil. There are pros and cons with both laminate and carpets but if you are struggling to decide, why not take a trip down to one of the UK’s biggest carpet and flooring superstores? Let our fantastic team help you with any flooring based queries.

We also have free car parking on site, along with a play area to keep the children preoccupied!