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Our best tile cleaning tips!

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So you’ve had tiles put into your room as you’ve been told ‘they’re easier to clean!’ And now you’re left with slightly grubby tiles with some very unpleasant looking grout. So how can you get your tiles looking ship shape again? Well, that’s why we’re here to help! Here at Welch Mill, we have been in the flooring industry long enough to know all the insider tips and tricks. So whether it’s looking for flooring cleaning tips, or carpets quotes Wigan, we do it all and more!

Tiled floors

Maintenance is very important for ceramic or porcelain tiles, so make sure you’re hoovering and sweeping up regularly. But just be aware that when you’re sweeping up with a broom, don’t use one with straw bristles as it can scratch the surface of the tiles. Also, if you spill any liquids onto the floor, try and mop it up as quickly as possible using an absorbent cloth. The quicker you can clean it up, the less likely the liquid will be able to soak into the grout.

Kitchen backsplash tiles

The cleaning procedure on your kitchen tiles can vary. It all depends on what kind of tiles you have used, whether it’s stone, glass or ceramic. So before you use any deep cleaning chemical products, double check they are suitable for your tiles. If you do end up splashing food/oil/grease onto them, don’t worry as that’s what they’re there for. However, just try to clean the stains off as soon as possible. That way you’re reducing the chance of staining the actual tiles. When you wipe your tiles down, use a cloth and warm, soapy water. But make sure you dry the tiles off after cleaning them to get rid of watermarks and the chance of mildew.

Shower tiles

Your bathroom is a room that is constantly damp, so it’s no wonder mould and mildew thrive between your bathroom tiles. To help reduce the risk, try to be more aware with how you’re leaving your tiles after using the bathroom. Try to leave the tiles as dry as possible; use a little squeegee and wipe the surfaces down to get rid of any leftover condensation.

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We hope that these tips will help keep your tiles looking sparkling! But if your tiles are past the point of no return, then come and visit us. We have flooring for all homes and styles.