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Carpet showroom Bolton – Did you know your carpets can cause your hay fever?

Carpet showroom Bolton
Hay fever season is well and truly upon us! And here in the Welch Mill office, we’re all feeling it! But did you know that your carpet could be contributing to how bad your hay fever is getting? Being surrounded by countryside and nature, Bolton and hay fever are bound to go hand-in-hand, so keep you and your flooring healthy.

The main thing causing your hay fever is the pollen in the air. And it can get caught in your clothes and shoes, which means it can easily make its way into your home. So, how can you reduce the amount of pollen in your home and in turn reduce your hay fever symptoms?

Bolton and Hay Fever

So the main question is, which carpet is the best to help avoid those streaming eyes and snotty noses?

The deeper the carpet is, the more chance there is of the pollen getting into your flooring and staying there. So try and choose a carpet which has a shallow pile. Or better still, why not replace your carpet with laminate or tiles and use rugs with shallow piles?

Synthetic fibres are also an easy way of reducing the pollen count in your home. It dries out the pollen and it’s also an inhospitable environment for other micro-organisms.

Another easy way of keeping your carpets clean is simply that; keeping them clean! As well as carpets, it could be worth keeping in mind that other materials in your home, such as curtains, bedding and pillow cases can all gather pollen particles.

Bolton Carpet Showroom

Here at Welch Mill, we carry an impressive range of carpets and flooring, even if we do say so ourselves! So whether you’re looking for something to keep the hay fever blues away, something that’s hard wearing or something that’s easy to clean, we have it all!

Come and visit our carpet showroom Bolton. We’re based in Leigh with good transport links from Bolton, Bury and most of the North West. Here we have all of the latest flooring equipment and supply the most popular flooring at the most reasonable prices.