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How to make a room look bigger with your flooring choice

Carpet showroom St Helens

Welch Mill carpet showroom St Helens is packed to the brim with all your flooring solutions. Boasting an extensive range of carpets, Karndean flooring, laminate and vinyl, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need to finish off any room in your home.

Carpet Showroom St Helens

Something people don’t tend to take into consideration if they’ve got a smaller room is that your flooring choice can massively change the look and feel of space.

Of course, not every house or every room is going to be a large area. However, if you’re clever with your flooring, you are able to change the perception of size. That’s where our carpet showroom St Helens comes in. We have put together a few pointers to help you create a bigger house!

  • Work with light colours. The main and possibly most obvious way to give an illusion of space in a small room is using lighter colours. Dark colours absorb natural light and make a room look very dark, whilst decreasing its size. However, using lighter colours such as beige, light browns and pastels reflect the light thus brightening the space, making it appear bigger.
  • Lay your flooring strategically. Again, if you’re clever enough with the way you lay your flooring, you can give a whole new feel and depth to your room. This also means you can use several different types of flooring to create the illusion of space. If you have your flooring laid at a right angle starting on the longest side of the room, it will visually stretch the area and make it appear more spacious. Call into our carpet showroom St Helens to explore all of your flooring options.
  • Use similar colours. Opting for harmonious colours within the room will make your space appear larger. Everything should be a similar colour. There should ideally be no more than 3 colours in the mix, for the room not to shrink visually. You’re more than likely to have a theme running throughout your room. Try to match your flooring with your interior design.

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