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What are your carpet options if you suffer with hay fever?

carpets St Helens
Summer is in full swing and I don’t know about you but the hay fever is hitting some of us hard here at Welch Mill! Snotty noses and running eyes all around. So that’s why we have decided to write a blog on what types of carpets St Helens and flooring are the best options for hay fever sufferers.

Carpets St Helens

Shallow pile carpets are better to have in the home for those who suffer strongly with hay fever or even allergies. They are less likely to catch and store any pollen or dust molecules. Installing shallow carpets such as nylon. These are a brilliant way to help reduce the amount of dirt being picked up and absorbed by the actually carpet itself. They work great in places of high foot fall. Of course this isn’t going to completely get rid of all the pollen! But having a good cleaning technique will also help.

This could include regular hoovering and cleaning of any high traffic areas or areas near open doors and windows. It could even be worth deep cleaning the carpet every once and a while. Not only to keep it clean but it could also get it looking brand new!

Another way to reduce the amount of pollen is to change your flooring type completely. Get rid of the carpet altogether and go for something like laminate or vinyl! They need less maintenance than carpets do and they can be easily cleaned. Having flooring like this means that any sort of pollen or dust will just land on the floor. So can be wiped down with a mop.

Welch Mill Carpets

Here at Welch Mill we’re not short of being carpet and flooring experts thanks to all of our years in the trade. So if you are ever struggling when it comes to deciding what would work best in your home. Come down to our showroom or give one of the team a call and they would be more than happy to help!