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Busting some carpet myths!

carpets st helens
Carpets are the most popular type of flooring, after all that’s what we’re named after. You can make a room flow with your carpet choice and you can be as bold and as brass as you would like as we’re sure there is a carpet out there for everyone! However, there are a few common carpet myths that constantly seem to pop up in customers minds and we are here to put those to bed.

Carpets Myths

Myth 1 – Carpets aren’t good if you have allergies. 

Well this might have been true years ago, but now with the use of synthetic fibers and such, this is a thing of the past. Carpets are actually brilliant at trapping allergens, and bits of debris and dirt. The carpet then just holds onto it all until you hoover. If you do suffer we bad allergies, we would suggest using a vacuum with an air filter to ensure all of the smallest dirt particles are trapped and disposed off.

Myth 2 – It’s boring and old fashioned. 

We touched on this before, but carpet and carpet design has come a long way in recent times. There are now carpets that cover ever colour in the rainbow and have patterns that would match even the most stylish living room. We also stock velvet and velour touch carpets.

Myth 3 – They’re hard to maintain. 

Personally, we don’t believe that carpets are any harder to clean than any other flooring. Of course you need to keep on top of the regular weekly hoovering or brushing, but this would be the same if you had laminate or vinyl. The main area of concern with carpets tend to come from spot and stain cleaning. The best way to avoid staining is to clean up any spills straight away! The less time that liquid sits on the carpet, the less likely it will stain. It’s also worth choosing a dark colour of carpet to make any stains less obvious. We also offer a range of stain resistant carpets which could help put those worries to ease.

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