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The importance of carpet underlay!

Underlay can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to replacing and updating your carpets St Helens. But they’re an important part of your flooring! Having a good underlay can dramatically transform the underfoot feeling of your actual carpet.

Why do you need Carpet underlay?

The main reason for underlay or carpet padding as it is also known as, is important to get the most wear out of the carpet. It’s there to stop the underside of the carpet rubbing and wearing away, it helps with the impact of any heavy furniture. It can also help reduce sound, which is especially important for rooms upstairs, so you don’t hear people walking around while you’re downstairs trying to relax.

What kind of underlay do you have?

There are three main kinds of underlay – foam, rubber or fiber. And within each of those categories there are a few different types.

Foam underlay are created for use with nearly any type of carpet and in practically any environment. There are two different styles of rubber underlay, waffle and flat sponge. Waffle gives off a soft, plush feel and is more suited for residential flooring where as flat sponge is normally used in large commercial spaces. Fiber underlay is created used existing fibers which are all interlocked. Natural fibers are one of the oldest style of underlay. Synthetic fibers are created to be very dense and to withstand any weight and foot traffic.

How do you choose the right type?

It’s important to remember that the thickest underlay might not always be the best for your carpet style. Choosing a underlay that’s too thick could actually make your carpet wrinkle and crumple. You also need to take into account the density of the underlay. The denser the underlay, the firmer/more expensive it will be.

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