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Carpet Trends for 2023

Carpet Trends for 2023

Carpet trends for 2023 are making a serious comeback. We are now looking for ways to bring comfort back into our homes, with the current mood of décor firmly set to cosy glamour. There’s nothing like carpet to make rooms feel more comfortable and warmer than ever. Wooden floors and laminates knocked carpet off the top recently, but the post-Covid desire for comfort, cosiness and a softer look to our interiors has put it firmly back on trend.

So if you’re looking for a modern carpet that is coming into fashion, and are eager to get started on your 2023 preparation, let Welch Mill Carpets help you!

What are the Carpet Trends for 2023?


Embrace this year’s colour trend with a bold, bright carpet that reflects the rest of the room for a statement look. Carpets are the new paint, and opting for a bright colour adds a wow factor to any home. For those who might be wary of adding a bright or bold colour, choose a tone which complements the wall. Opting for a contrasting colour will create a perfect aesthetic balance for the eyes and prevent them from looking flat and dull.

Abstract Prints 
Are a fantastic way of introducing colour or pattern into the home. So don’t be afraid to go for a carpet with rich colour schemes and unusual designs. Being ambitious makes the carpet authentic, and originality is in demand this season. After all, pattern and colour have been brought to the forefront to create a statement this year.
Earthy and Natural Colours 

If minimalism is your preferred choice, you will be pleased to know that neutral carpets are very much here to stay. A neutral shade is a wise investment, too. It goes with everything, enabling you to combine plains and subtle patterns while keeping a consistent flow throughout the house. A neutral or earthy colour has always been a reliable source. So choosing flooring based on this concept will keep you on the safe side. Also, perfect for people who love biophilic design.

Classic Stripes

Striped patterned carpets are still a firm favourite for many designers. Not only does it add structure to any space, but stripes help to bring a variety of tones and shades into a scheme. A bedroom is perfect, as the lines will add style but are subtle enough to create a relaxing room. We are now seeing striped carpets alongside other striped textiles, which works well when the stripes are placed in opposite directions.

Plus, more carpets are trending this year. To take a look, click here at Welch Mill

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