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Carpets Bolton – did you know we stock artificial grass?

carpets bolton

Here at Welch Mill, we know we brand ourselves as a carpets Bolton superstore. However, did you know that we also stock a range of artificial grass and AstroTurf? Of course, this is alongside our laminate flooring, Kardean, vinyl and rugs!

Artificial Grass

If you’ve never heard of artificial grass before, it basically does what it says on the tin. It is fake grass, and it tends to be made from a collection of plastics and nylon. This makes it hard wearing and very damage resistant. It also never needs watering or cutting! So you can see why it’s so popular. But we all know the traditional uses for artificial grass, and they tend to focus on the garden.

However, why not try using your artificial lawn in some eclectic and unusual ways?

Like creating an out of the box bedroom for your football mad child? It’s a brilliant way to bring a themed room together! As we’ve mentioned before it is hard wearing, and from a practical point of view, can be very easy to clean and there is no risk of any carpet burns!

If you live in a flat or don’t have much outside space, transform your garden with some artificial grass, no matter how big or small! It is perfect for terraces, and even rooftop spaces thanks to its easy installation.

Artificial grass is also available in a range of different colours and styles, so if you did want to go all out, you could create patterns and designs with different forms of grass, pet friendly too. With the addition of using many different artificial grass products for your artificial lawn to maintain the high quality.

Welch Mill Carpets Bolton

Why not take a trip down to one of the UK’s biggest carpet and flooring superstores and let your imagination run wild with our extensive range? We also have free car parking on site, along with our expert team who can offer free on the spot estimations if you bring your measurements, ready for your beautiful green Wigan Artificial Grass. Our team supplies and installs a range of different interior and exterior flooring.