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How to chose what carpet underlay to buy

carpets st helens
Choosing the right underlay is important to get the most out of your carpets St Helens! If you’re going carpet shopping for the first time then looking at all the different types of underlay can get a little bit confusing. What thickness do you need to get? What brand do you go with? What material should the underlay be made out of? These are just some of the questions you’re probably going to be thinking about when you’re looking at the different types of underlay. We’ve put together a short but comprehensive blog on some of the issues that you might need to think about when you’re looking for your new underlay and carpets St Helens.

Carpets St Helens and underlay

  • Do you have underfloor heating?

If you do then you need to look for an underlay with a lower TOG or thermal resistance. The lower they are then the more effective the underlay will be when i comes to letting the heat through.

  • What gives the nicest underfoot feel?

You’d be wrong to assume that the thicker the underlay is, the nicer it’s going to feel when the reality is, you’re looking for the most dense underlay. The denser the underlay is, the more spring back it’s going to give which actually creates that nice underfoot feeling everyone is looking for.

  • How can I reduce sound and noise levels?

Most kinds of underlay come with a decibel rating. The thicker the underlay is, the more distance the sound has to travel. So in essence the thicker the underlay is, the more noise ans sound cancelling it’s going to be.

  • Does thickness really matter?

Of course it all depends what you’re looking for from your underlay. If you’ve got underfloor heating then then no, thickness isn’t what you’re looking for. However if you’ve got a tribe of kids running about then you might what something to cushion the blow.

What we’re trying to say is, the underlay and carpet that you choose will need to be tailored to your needs. And that’s what we’re here to do at Welch Mill!