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How to style up your stairs carpet

Depending on the layout of your home, your stairs might be one of the first things that your family, friends and guests see. So why not make a few changes to your stairs carpet, spruce…

By admin

5th January 2022

A New Carpet for Christmas!

Christmas time is rapidly approaching, a hectic time of year that can become even more stressful with shabby or worn flooring. Especially if you are having the family around, potentially ruining the festive feel due…

By admin

14th December 2021

A rug for Christmas? or all year round!

Rugs are unjustly seen as an alternative to carpets and often many people do not think laying a rug on the carpet is necessary. However, this is simply not the case at Christmas, as people…

By admin

2nd December 2021

Behind the carpet company: Westex

Westex are a carpet and flooring company who have been operating since the 1970s! They were originally based in West Yorkshire and started the company with only five members of staff. As a company, they…

By admin

17th September 2021

Choosing your new carpet

Where do start when you’re looking to get some new carpets? There are a few things that you need to consider when looking for a carpet that works for your home and that’s what this…

By admin

16th August 2021

Creating a minimalist styled room

After spending the majority of the last year to year and a half at home, it’s no wonder that the rooms are feeling a little cluttered and you’re looking to make some changes. Maybe you’re…

By admin

2nd July 2021

Making a statement with your new rug!

We’ve seen a huge rise in harder flooring being use all around the house. If you have a busy household, whether that’s with kids, pets or anything in between, then it might make sense to…

By admin

2nd June 2021

Bedroom re-design tips

From the floor to the ceiling, your bedroom should be a place that is completely tailored to you. But if you feel like its time to give your boudoir a re-design and don’t know where…

By admin

25th May 2021

Is it time to refresh your hallway?

The hallway is a part of the house that can easily be forgotten about or overlooked. It’s not really an area of the house that people spend a lot of time in. However,  the way…

By admin

10th May 2021

The ins and outs of carpets

So you’ve made the decision to get rid of your carpet and get some brand new ones. You’ve also decided to come to Welch Mill for your new carpet, and with all the choice we…

By admin

19th April 2021