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How to buy the right kind of kitchen flooring

Have you ever wondered what is the right flooring for your kitchen? Essentially, each home has its own personality, so finding the right kitchen flooring for yours can be a struggle. There is a range…

By admin

22nd December 2021

Buy Karndean Flooring with Professional fitting

Karndean is a popular brand here in the UK and one of the world’s leading manufacturers. So, if you're looking to buy Karndean Flooring with professional fitting, then we are proud to introduce our range.…

By admin

8th November 2021

How to take care of your vinyl flooring

Whatever flooring style you choose, you want it to last for as long as possible. Vinyl flooring is incredibly hard wearing, but it can always do with a little helping hand when it comes to…

By admin

12th October 2021

Looking at ceramic tiles for your kitchen?

So you’re looking for some new flooring for your kitchen and you fancy ceramic tiles. They are a classic kitchen flooring choice. Not only are they incredibly stylish but they’re also easy to install and…

By admin

5th October 2021

Let's talk about laminate flooring!

Laminate flooring has been created in order to provide your home with a heavy duty, hard wearing flooring type. Some people see it as an upgrade from vinyl, however there are a few key differences…

By admin

3rd August 2021

Myth Busting - Laminate Edition

Laminate is slowly becoming one of the most popular flooring type available. It’s a flooring style that works in practically every room in your home. But there are still a few myths and misconceptions floating…

By admin

9th June 2021