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Let's talk about laminate flooring!

Laminate flooring has been created in order to provide your home with a heavy duty, hard wearing flooring type. Some people see it as an upgrade from vinyl, however there are a few key differences…

By admin

3rd August 2021

Myth Busting - Laminate Edition

Laminate is slowly becoming one of the most popular flooring type available. It’s a flooring style that works in practically every room in your home. But there are still a few myths and misconceptions floating…

By admin

9th June 2021

How to choose between laminate or vinyl flooring

Carpets have always been one of the most commonly used flooring types across homes, however as trends are changing and people’s needs are changing, we’ve seen a huge influx of laminate and vinyl being used…

By admin

19th May 2021

The wonders of wood flooring

If you’re looking to update your home and give it a more natural feel. Or maybe you’re looking to bring the outdoors indoors, than what better place to start than with wood floor?! With the…

By admin

6th May 2021

Would laminate fit into your kitchen?

Your kitchen is a room that gets a huge amount of usage, it’s a room that the whole family spend time in. You might have a kitchen diner which means the floor might be subject…

By admin

19th April 2021