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How to choose what carpet to go with for your home decor

Carpets can be somewhat of an after thought when it comes to home furnishings, and it can sometimes be a last minute dash to try and get something that suits the rest of your home decor. Many people tend to stick with neutral and simple tones, however we want to change that! Colours have a funny sort of psychological effect on us, we can associate certain colours with certain feelings, places and even memories. This is all worth keeping in mind when you’re deciding what colour your home decor is and style of carpets Warrington to have in your home.

Carpets Warrington home decor

  • Red

This is a very domineering colour, which can (if used the wrong way) make a room feel small and confined. However, if you choose the right shade, red can be a very warming colour and when paired right it can create a rice and inviting feel. Red decor looks good when it’s paired with a lighter carpet, to make the room look as big as possible.

  • Blue

In a direct contrast to red, you could choose a blue theme. Blue can have a tendency to feel slightly cold or uninviting but it all depends on what else you’re having in the room. Flooring-wise we would suggest pairing a blue room with a light hard wood floor and don’t forget about the comfy furniture to go along with it!

  • Neutral

This is the most common room decor and having a neutral colour scheme seems to be the in thing when it comes to having a modern looking home. With a neutral room, you have free rein when it comes to carpets, floorings and accessories. You need something to add a bit of life to the room when you’re keeping it neutral and a nice bright rug with matching pillow cases would do just that!