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How to choose between laminate or vinyl flooring

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Carpets have always been one of the most commonly used flooring types across homes, however as trends are changing and people’s needs are changing, we’ve seen a huge influx of laminate and vinyl being used as the main source of flooring in the home. Maybe you’ve been thinking about upgrading the flooring in your home to something a little bit more hard wearing, but you’re unsure of which flooring to choose from? Well that’s why we’ve written this blog. We’re going to talk through some of the pros and cons that come with both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring.

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Laminate is incredibly cost effective compared to some of the natural, hard wood flooring that it replicates. It’s an great flooring type to be used in high traffic places thanks to a high durability level and the fact that the top layer is scratch resistant, making it perfect for people with pets!

However, when you compare the costs of laminate and vinyl, laminate comes out as the more costly choice. It’s also not as water resistant as vinyl tiles due to the wood grain texture. That means if your laminate does get saturated with liquid, it could become quite damaged.

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Vinyl tiles are easy to put together as they just have a clicking mechanism. They’re also incredibly durable, whilst being highly resistant to dirt, water and scratches. Vinyl also has a softer underfoot feel since it’s backed with foam. It also makes it a great choice for kitchens as your glassware is less likely to smash straight away.

When it comes to the negatives of vinyl, there are only a few key points that we can think of. The main one being that if you want to remove the vinyl, it can be very difficult. It can also be damaged and imprinted by heavy furniture due to the spongy nature of the material.

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Both flooring types are brilliant in their own way, and there is a big overlap when it comes to the pros. If you’d like some more advice on what flooring type would work best in your home, why not get in touch with one of our team today?