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How to chose the right colour carpet for your home

carpets st helens
Here at Welch Mill Carpets we stock a huge range of coloured and patterned carpets St Helens! But we understand that it can be very overwhelming when it comes to deciding what colour carpet to actually get. You want a carpet that looks nice, is hard wearing but doesn’t clash with the rest of your room. So we’ve thrown together a little blog with the hope that it can help you decide what carpet would look the best in your home!

Carpet Choices

Your carpet colour choice is more than likely going to be based on a few different factors that include:

  • Do you need it to hide stains?
  • What kind of vibe do you want to create in the room?
  • Do you want patterned or plain?

If you’re going for a brighter coloured carpet, then it’s worth having a look at a colour wheel as colours opposite each other compliment each other so you can theme your room around two colours. If you’re looking for something that is neutral toned, that tone of carpet can be combined with practically any colour or room theme.

Dark carpets will work to make your room feel comfier and work better at hiding dirt, however lighter carpets can help small rooms feel larger and are great for that minimalist feel.

It may seem like a lot of rules when it comes to choosing a carpet, but of course it all comes down to your personal preference! It’s your home and you need to create a place that you enjoy spending time in.

Welch Mill Carpets St Helens

Here at the Mill, we have a huge range of carpets and other flooring styles by popular brands. We’re sure that we will have something that will tick all of your carpet and flooring needs. Why not give us a visit today?