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Designing your Domestic Flooring using Luxury Vinyl Tiles

using Luxury Vinyl Tiles

When it comes to domestic flooring, striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality is crucial. Thankfully Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) have been able to stay incredibly popular due to the endless design and patterns available. Welch Mill has been designing LVT floors for years, so have many patterns and aesthetics in mind already.

In this blog, Welch Mill will explore ways in which luxury vinyl tiles can be used to personalise your flooring. This way you will have ideas for when you create a visually appealing and long-lasting space that perfectly complements your interior design.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles: The Ultimate Flooring Solution

Luxury vinyl tiles have revolutionized the flooring industry with their impressive characteristics. Starting with appearance, their mimicking of natural woods and stone is truly impressive. With the added option of our varying finishes and colours, which may differ depending on material preferences.

The ability to tile these however you please will open up many ways of styling your surface. This includes unique patterns, which take advantage of shaped tile placements, and even innovating visual layers.

The right flooring design sets the tone for your entire interior. From classic and timeless aesthetics to bold and contemporary styles, LVT can be customized to match any interior design theme. Explore different tile layouts and colour palettes to create a flooring design that complements your overall decor.


Creating Impact with Flooring Patterns

One of the standout features of luxury vinyl tiles is the ability to incorporate intricate flooring patterns. From herringbone and chevron designs to basket-weave layouts, patterns can add a touch of elegance to your domestic flooring. Explore various pattern options and experiment with different tile arrangements to create a captivating focal point in your space.

For a modern and bold statement, geometric patterns are an excellent choice. Opt for hexagon, diamond, or Moroccan-inspired patterns to infuse your space with an artistic flair. Geometric LVT flooring designs can become a focal point, creating a visually striking atmosphere in any room.

The texture and finish of LVT floor play a crucial role in creating a sense of depth in your flooring. From smooth and glossy surfaces to textured and embossed finishes, LVT can emulate the look and feel of various materials. Consider the tactile experience you desire and choose a texture and finish that complements your design vision.



Harmonise with a Colour Palette:

The colour palette you select for your LVT can set or build upon the mood and ambiance of your space. For a timeless and sophisticated look, consider classic wood tones, such as rich browns or warm greys. Alternatively, choose bold colours to make a statement or opt for neutral shades for a versatile backdrop that complements any decor.

Add a touch of elegance and definition to your LVT flooring by incorporating contrasting borders. Using different colours or patterns as borders can frame the room, creating a visually appealing transition between the floor and walls. This technique can add a unique design element while showcasing your attention to detail.


Luxury Vinyl Tiles Design and Installation

Welch Mill Carpets & Flooring will ensure that your new flooring achieves the perfect blend of style and durability. With all the options available in our showroom, you are guaranteed exceptional visuals and impressive durability. Embrace the versatility of luxury vinyl tiles and transform your interior into a visually stunning and long-lasting haven.

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