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Looking for an eco friendly choice of flooring?

laminate showrooms warrington
If you’re looking to create a green, eco friendly home, there will be some decor choices that are incredibly easy. But one thing that you might be struggling with, or something you might have not even thought about yet, is your flooring choice. Here at Welch Mill Laminate Showrooms Warrington, we want to talk about what could be your perfect choice of flooring, laminate!

Laminate Showrooms Warrington

Did you know that a lot of laminate flooring is actually made out of natural and recycled materials? Many laminate manufacturers actually follow a huge amount of recycling and environmental responsibility when it comes to the whole lamination creation process. The main board in a plan of laminate flooring tends to be made out of natural wood fibres. And these fibres are generally made for recycled materials.

So once you’ve chosen the right laminate for you. You might now be thinking how can you keep it clean in a busy family home? Well get rid of all the chemical floor cleaners you might despise using. Laminate can be cleaned with a simple solution of warm soapy water, with a touch of white vinegar for the shine. Fill a bucket with this solution and use a mop to clean the floors. But make sure the mop and floor isn’t dripping wet, You want it more on the damp than wet side.

Of course you can use chemical cleaners if you so choose too. But now you have options of a more eco friendly cleaner as well.

Then in years to come, once you’ve got as much wear and use from your flooring as possible and you want to get rid of it, you can recycle or even upcycle your flooring! Thanks to the easy removal, you can just unclip the planks from each other. You can then either upcycle them and use them for something else. Or you can find a specific recycling centre and leave them there!

Welch Mill Carpets – Laminate Showroom Warrington

Here at Welch Mill, we have a huge amount of laminate flooring on show and available. Why not ring up today to book your no obligation, home visit?