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Envy Flooring

Welch Mill Carpets is your gateway to Envy Flooring, the home of quality and sophistication. Discover a flooring brand renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and which embraces the contemporary.

Envy Flooring has quietly been breathing new life into homes, offices and hospitality in the North West. More specifically, Envy has manufactured premium flooring options ideal for our locals looking for residential or commercial floors.


Envy Flooring: Contemporay Excellence

Founded on the principles of quality and design, Envy Flooring began its journey over two decades ago. In fact, the brand has more recently evolved to become synonymous with superior quality and timeless elegance. This was with a vision to redefine interiors through superior flooring solutions in the North West.

What started as a modest endeavour has evolved into a hallmark of excellence, renowned for its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Envy Flooring has carved a distinguished niche in the flooring industry, specifically modernising velvet carpets and oak floors. Each plank and tile are a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship, thus ensuring that every floor installed exceeds expectations.

Based on this, every one of their products is a testament to our dedication to craftsmanship. They thoroughly source materials from around the globe, thus ensuring only the finest quality reaches your home or business. Our manufacturing processes blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology, so results in flooring that meets but exceeds industry standards.

Signature Flooring Ranges

Envy Flooring prides itself on a diverse portfolio designed in order to suit various aesthetic preferences and functional needs. Explore our most sought-after ranges:


Solid Oak Collection

Crafted from the finest oak, the Solid Oak Collection epitomises classic charm and durability. With its natural grains and robust structure, solid oak flooring from Envy enhances any space with warmth and character. This collection promises enduring beauty and resilience in both traditional and contemporary interiors.


Herringbone Click Collection

For those who appreciate intricate patterns and modern versatility, the Herringbone Click Collection by Envy Flooring is a standout choice. These interlocking tiles create stunning geometric designs in order to elevate the ambience of any room. Perfect for homeowners and designers seeking a sophisticated flooring solution, so has been engineered for easy installation and maintenance.


Luxury Carpets

Envy Carpets utilise plush textures and a spectrum of colours, these carpets offer unparalleled softness underfoot while enhancing acoustic insulation. The Velvet Collection from Envy Flooring epitomises luxury and sophistication, due to plush textures and exquisite patterns. These carpets add a touch of opulence to any room, for bedrooms, lounges, and formal spaces.

Envy Flooring
Envy Flooring

Taking into Account Design

Envy Flooring actually operate as flooring installers themselves, coming into contact with damaged floors daily. As a result of this, their design philosophy is very much based on their experiences working with different floors.

For customers this means that both the underfloor and the surface are as hardwearing as possible. Not to mention, laminate and vinyl are paired with modern aesthetics to revolutionise kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

On the other hand, their carpets have had the most attention to detail dedicated to them. The end result is a high-end material with a long-lasting life cycle for both residential and business properties.

Expert Installation of Envy Flooring by Welch Mill Carpets

At Welch Mill Carpets, we understand that selecting the perfect flooring is just the beginning. Our dedicated installation team is committed to bringing your vision to life with precision and efficiency. Our professionals handle every detail in home and business, from initial consultation to final installation.

Transform your home with Luxury Envy Flooring backed by Welch Mill Carpets’ professional installation services. Our team works closely with you to assess your needs, recommend the ideal flooring solution, and ensure flawless installation. We prioritise your satisfaction and needs, thus ensuring minimal disruption and maximum results.

Envy Flooring solutions are equally adept at meeting the demands of commercial environments. Welch Mill’s flooring collections are designed to withstand high traffic while maintaining their aesthetic appeal. Welch Mill Carpets’ installation team ensures timely execution and superior craftsmanship, in order to tailored to your business requirements.

Envy Flooring

Discover Envy Flooring at Welch Mill Carpets

Explore the exquisite craftsmanship of Envy wood flooring and Envy carpet tiles available at Welch Mill Carpets today. Whether you seek the timeless elegance of solid oak, the contemporary flair of herringbone clicks, or the luxurious comfort of our carpets. Above all, Welch Mill have the perfect solution for every space.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and experience the difference that high-quality Envy Flooring can make in your environment. Elevate your space with Welch Mill Carpets and Envy Flooring—where quality and style converge seamlessly.