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Flooring showroom Warrington – the pros and cons of solid wood flooring

Flooring showroom Warrington

Here at Welch Mill, a flooring showroom Warrington, we offer an extensive variety of flooring solutions. These range from carpets and tiles to Karndean and vinyl flooring. However, by far the simplest form of modern flooring is solid wood. These floors are extremely unique, but they do have both pros and cons. This blog lists just a few of them to help give you an idea of whether a solid wood floor is for you.

Flooring showroom Warrington

Solid wood floors are beautiful. They are renowned for their original beauty. You can create the look from laminate, Karndean and vinyl flooring, all of which we sell here at Welch Mill flooring showroom Warrington. You can pick what colour and style you want so it matches both your interior and personality. If you’re looking to make a real statement in your home, a solid wood floor is an excellent choice.

Solid wood floors are built to last. Wooden flooring is durable and sturdy, allowing them to withstand families and pets using them in any room. Solid wood flooring can be refurbished and sanded down to keep them looking fresh over time. If you also use laminate flooring to recreate a wood finish, it’s cheap enough to replace should it start looking tired or get damaged. They’re also particularly good for homeowners who want to add long-term value to the property.

They’re not waterproof. One place you should never use solid wood flooring is in the bathroom. Wood naturally expands when it comes in contact with moisture. All the splashes and steam you’ll find in bathrooms (and kitchens) can cause your floor to warp, expand and contract. However, again if you were to use laminate or vinyl instead, you can get waterproof lining which would make it the ideal flooring for these rooms. The same applies to underfloor heating; the solid wood will simply expand and spoil.

So if you’re looking for new flooring solutions, call into our flooring showroom Warrington and find out exactly what we can offer!