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Flooring Suppliers Near Me

Welcome to Welch Mill Carpets, your premier destination for high-quality flooring solutions. Elevate your space with our extensive range of flooring options sourced from top-notch suppliers in the industry. We take pride in partnering with leading brands to ensure our customers receive only the finest products. Explore our collection and discover the perfect flooring to transform your home or business.

At Welch Mill, we understand the importance of quality, durability, and style when it comes to flooring. That’s why we have carefully curated a selection of flooring materials from reputable suppliers. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the brands we choose to collaborate with, and we are pleased to feature products from Cormar Carpets, Abingdon Flooring, Associated Weavers, Headlam, Furlong Flooring, Fibre Flooring, Victoria Carpets, Invictus, Polyflor, Tarkett, Rhinofloor, Lifestyle Floors, Fells Carpets, Cavalier Carpets, Kingsmead Carpets, and Envy.

Choosing the Right Flooring Brand for Your Home

Cormar Carpets

Cormar, known for its luxurious carpets, brings timeless elegance to your interiors. Read more about Cormar Carpets.

Abingdon Flooring

Abingdon offers a wide range of flooring options, ensuring there’s something for every taste and budget. Read more about Abingdon Flooring.

Associated Weavers

Associated Weavers combines innovation and sustainability in its premium carpet collections. Read more about Associated Weavers.


Headlam provides a diverse selection of flooring products, meeting the highest industry standards. Read more about Headlam Flooring.

Furlong Flooring

Furlong Flooring contribute to our comprehensive range, offering various styles and textures to suit any design preference. Read more about Furlong Flooring.

Fibre Flooring

Explore our range from Fibre Flooring, a carpet and rug manufacturer of natural plant fibre floor coverings and wool carpets. Read more about Fibre Flooring.

Victoria Carpets

Our flooring superstore boasts rolls of quality carpets and samples from Victoria Carpets. Read more about Victoria Carpets.


When it comes to delivering a great performance, Invictus is at the forefront of flooring technology. Read more about Invictus Flooring.


Polyflor is synonymous with high-performance, resilient flooring solutions suitable for residential and commercial spaces. Read more about Polyflor.


Tarkett floors can be found in our flooring showroom, suitable for both commercial and residential applications. Read more about Tarkett Flooring.


Rhinofloor enhances the quality of your home with truly extraordinary engineered flooring. Read more about Rhinofloor.

Lifestyle Floors

Search for your perfect flooring with Lifestyle Floors at Welch Mill flooring showroom. Read more about Lifestyle Floors.

Fells Carpets

Fells Carpets

Welch Mill proudly presents Fells Carpets, providing distinctive options that cater to individual tastes. Read more.

Cavalier Carpets

Cavalier Carpets

When you choose Cavalier Carpets, you are choosing excellence, variety, and reliability in flooring. Read more.

Kingsmead Carpets

Kingsmead Carpets

Find Kingsmead Carpets at amazing prices in the UK’s largest flooring superstore. Read more.

Envy Carpets


Envy is at the height of luxury carpets with its sumptious and wool rich velvet offerings. Read more.

Carpet Buying Guide

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Welch Mill as Your Flooring Supplier

Looking for top-quality carpets in Leigh, St Helens, Warrington, or Wigan? Explore the benefits of choosing Welch Mill as your go-to flooring supplier with our diverse range of carpets. Elevate your home with Welch Mill – your trusted flooring supplier near you.

Enhance Your Space with Welch Mill Carpets: Beyond their aesthetic appeal, carpets offer a multitude of advantages that make them the ideal choice for your home. Enjoy increased insulation that not only adds comfort underfoot but also reduces energy costs and minimises noise levels. This is especially beneficial for households with young children, creating a safer and quieter environment.

Diverse Designs for Every Style: Welch Mill takes pride in offering carpets with a wide range of designs and patterns. Whether you prefer a classic look or a contemporary vibe, our collection caters to various preferences. This aesthetic versatility allows you to seamlessly integrate our carpets into different interior design themes, elevating the overall ambiance of your space.

Materials Matter: At Welch Mill, we understand the importance of choosing the right material for your carpet. Explore our array of materials, each with unique characteristics. Wool carpets, known for their natural resilience and luxurious feel, coexist with synthetic options like nylon and polyester, offering durability and stain resistance. Understanding the pros and cons of each material will guide you toward the perfect choice for your space.

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