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Did you know there’s a flooring type that is suitable for all rooms?

laminate flooring bolton

The age old question when it comes to flooring is trying to find something that is suitable for all the rooms in your home. The issue normally lies in finding flooring type which is suitable for your bathroom or kitchen.

Obviously carpets are completely out of the question when it comes to both of those rooms. And maybe you want something a little bit more than plain, plastic-y vinyl flooring across all of your home. So what can you choose? Well our recommendation would be Karndean flooring!

Karndean Flooring has quickly become a standard flooring for any domestic setting, from bedroom to living room.

Karndean Flooring St Helens

Karndean flooring is perfect to give both style and substance in your home. This flooring is not only waterproof, it’s also durable, family friendly and comes in a range of different tones, colours and styles.

The company’s aim is to push to create a brand of flooring that fits into every home. Whether you’re looking for the cool, calming tones of stone or the richness of some dark wood. There will something that ticks all of your boxes.

Not to mention, karndean flooring St Helens works hand in hand with underfloor heating. What gives off a more luxurious feel than the warmth of underfloor heating combined with the stylings of some good looking tiles?

Karndean also offer a 35 year guarantee on all of their products which means you have peace of mind just in case life gets a little bit crazy and something happens.

Welch Mill Karndean flooring type

Here at Welch Mill, we carry a huge range of different flooring types including Karndean. We understand that different home require different flooring type and that’s where we come in. Our team of flooring experts will be able to talk your through the different options that are available.