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Have you forgotten about your stairs?

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Your staircase is probably one of the most important features. It’s one of the first things that your visitors will see when they enter your home, and it can embody the personality of  your home. Another bonus of having a good looking staircase is if you do come to selling your home, it can actually have a surprisingly positive effect on your resale value. Here at Welch Mill laminate showrooms St Helens, we want to make sure that every part of your home’s flooring looks as good as the rest of your home.

If you have an exposed staircase, then why not look at getting some stair runners to freshen up your home? Not only will it look good, but it can also help reduce the sound when you’re walking around late at night. It’s also been noted that wooden stairs can be quite slippery and a little bit impractical so getting runners are the perfect way to fix that!

If you currently have nothing on your stairs at all and you’re looking for a fresh start but want something different than just all the same carpets; why not look at having a mix of both laminate and carpet? The top of the step can be carpet and the face of the stair can be laminate or any hard flooring style. This is the perfect way to blend your upstairs and downstairs flooring, and give your home a modern feel.

If your carpet is fully carpeted, then why not try filling the stairs or even painting them? That’s an easy way to change your stairs without it being too much of a cost worthy job. And it’s something that can be changed as often as you’d like.

Laminate showrooms St Helens

If this blog has helped you realise that your stairs are in need of some TLC, then why not get in touch with our expert carpet team today to see how we can help you?!