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Hardwood flooring – did you know the weather can affect it?

Hardwood flooring
When you’re too cold, you turn the heating up and when you’re too hot you open all the windows and even get the electric fans out. No one thinks twice when it comes to warming up or cooling down the home. However, whatever actions you take to change the temperature in your home could be having an effect on your hardwood flooring. During humid and high temperatures, some porous flooring like laminate and hardwood can actually expand slightly. And similarly, when the temperature drops, these types of flooring can contract. So what can you do to help your flooring?

How can you protect your laminate and hardwood flooring?

First of all, make sure that when your floors are installed, they are installed correctly. If you buy your flooring from us here at Welch Mill, we offer a fitting service and our fitting teams go above and beyond to make sure that any of the work they do, is to the highest standard.

And when it comes to cleaning your floors, try and avoid using excessive amounts of moisture. If you have hardwood flooring, don’t mop and submerge them with water. This would not only add unnecessary moisture into the boards, it could also increase the rate in which the flooring could deteriorate or it could even affect the finish!

When cleaning your flooring, avoid using water based cleaners on a day to day basis. This again will also help reduce the amount of moisture and liquid the boards are exposed too. It will also help cut down and reduce any potential issues.

One good way to reduce the humidity in your house is with a dehumidifier. They can also tell you how much humidity there is in the air!

Welch Mill Carpets

Laminate and hardwood flooring are brilliant when it comes to minimal upkeep and being hard wearing. However, it’s worth keeping an eye on the humidity levels in your home especially in the summer to keep them looking as good as possible.

If you’re interested in new laminate, hardwood, or even carpets, why not come and visit our impressive flooring superstore today? We are based in Leigh, but easily accessible from Bolton, Bury, St Helens and Warrington.