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Hay Fever won’t be a problem with Artificial Lawns!

Hay Fever won’t be a problem with Artificial Lawns!

There are a whole host of reasons why customers invest in Artificial Lawns. Usually the reason is in relation to the struggles with managing real grass or the worries around the upkeep. However, another prominent reason is today’s topic which is Hay Fever.

Hay Fever needs no introduction, as it can absolutely ruin your garden experience in the warmer months. Not only will watering the plants be incredibly uncomfortable, but you won’t even be able to enjoy the sun. So the way around this for many customers is replacing a natural lawn with an artificial lawn.

Admittedly, Welch Mill is best known for carpets and laminate flooring but we also supply Artificial Lawns. Our External Flooring team will be able to install your new lawn which will cater to your garden’s needs.

How big will the difference be between Natural and Artificial Grass?

This change is actually a whole lot bigger than our customers expect. Although the differences are quite obvious, the extent of pollen and how it lingers in your home aren’t. Pollen attaches itself to clothes and animals so build-ups may be inevitable.

Firstly, Fake Grass will be able to massively minimise any pollen or dust build-ups so will remove the issue. On the whole, they are incredibly easy to maintain as it doesn’t need consistent mowing, fertilising or weeding. In addition to the fact that these lawns are incredibly easy to clean only requiring a light hose down.

However, there is a level of care needed when keeping on top of Fake Grass. It can’t be understated how carefully you need to apply maintenance products or clean. This is due to how the grass can’t be replaced after the stitching comes out.

Is cleaning and maintenance easy?

Although it does sound like a tricky task, there should be no worries when cleaning and maintaining your new lawn. To clean all is required is a hose and a stiff brush for the most thorough cleaning. Keeping these grass fibres in the best condition possible stops a patchy lawn making cleaning vital.

Luckily you won’t need any kind of maintenance product to keep the rich colour of fake grass. But fortunately even maintenance is incredibly easy, as it doesn’t need the same attention as the natural.

Artificial Lawns at Welch Mill

Welch Mill has been specialists in flooring for decades now, known for our huge Leigh showroom. But we don’t stop here, as we are also installers of external flooring specifically artificial grass. This is because artificial grass is just as simple to install as it is for domestic flooring.

If you are serious about seeking out luxury flooring at affordable prices then drop by the showroom. Not only is it beloved by Leigh locals, customers come from Warrington, Wigan and St Helens for our floors.

On the other hand, if you have a burning question or enquiries then get in touch. This is the easiest way of talking to our flooring specialists about any flooring project. To contact us just simply click here.