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How long will Artificial Grass last?

Artificial Grass Leigh

External Flooring will always require a lot more planning than your internal domestic flooring, solely due to being outside. Although longevity will be considered when planning domestic flooring like laminate flooring, there are more external factors with Artificial Grass Leigh. Things such as weeds, location and blade material can potentially be very threatening to the longevity

Luckily, Welch Mill has been dealing with Artificial Grass Leigh jobs for many years at this point. As a result, we will take all of these worries into consideration as we plan out your artificial grass installation. Ultimately our flooring design team will prioritise keeping the beautiful appearance of your new external floor.

How long is Artificial Grass expected to last?

Many customers may be surprised to find out that artificial grass will last you between 15 – 20 years. Despite having such range in colour and texture, all of our artificial lawns are weatherproof with tough backing materials. This is on the contrary to most cheap synthetic grass surfaces only being expected to last half this time.

Believe it or not, this isn’t completely down to foot traffic and use but it comes down to maintenance. In the winter this will be extremely hard to keep up with, so it’s essential you focus on it in the warmer months. This starts as simple as brushing down the surface, keeping excess off the lawn and even cutting it.

However, it is important to keep in mind that how you use your artificial grass Warrington may affect this. For example the lifespan may be slightly shorter if it is used on a slope. This is because the angle can really affect the surface and the backing, potentially making it an expensive job.

What determines the lifespan of Synthetic Lawns?

Ideally, grass blade aterial will stay in place for the entire lifespan of the lawn so strength is incredibly important. Artificial Grass Wigan will either be polypropylene or nylon, each having been put in place thorough sewing. Polypropylene looks more realistic, but nylon has a lot more resistance benefits.

Backing is an absolutely vital factor to the long term success of the Lawn, applying to both the grass on the backing and the backing on the ground. This bottom layer specifically needs to be perfect, any weeds or cracks under it can ruin the lawn above.

There will be no way of stopping usage from affecting your Artificial Grass St Helens. As previously mentioned, Synthetic Lawns wear especially on Slopes and another reason for this is traffic. So our solution for this is to ensure that the installation is 100% and the backing is extremely durable.

Welch Mill: Artificial Grass Leigh

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