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How to Identify High Quality Laminate Flooring

High Quality Laminate Flooring

Although Laminate Flooring is taking the flooring market by storm right now there is only one downside. This is the fact that the market is becoming over-saturated, thus making it harder for customers to identify quality. Thankfully, this will be an absolute breeze when shopping with Welch Mill Floors as we can set you up with High Quality Laminate Flooring.

In fact, there are vast differences between low quality and high quality laminate flooring. What sets us apart specifically is the fact that Welch Mill is a laminate showroom Wigan. From a customer perspective, this along with laminate flooring specialists surrounding you will definitely make this easier.

However, if you are interested in any type of flooring from carpets to artificial lawn then the showroom is worth a visit. As Welch Mill is a short drive from Wigan and St Helens, visiting will give you a great idea of your next flooring. In the meantime, here is what you need to know when shopping Laminate Flooring.

What makes a Laminate Flooring high quality?

For flooring specialists like ourselves we can immediately spot low quality flooring, but how can customers do so? To begin with, Laminate Flooring needs to have compact layering between the backing and surface layers. This will usually consist of a sturdy timber layer and a wax layer before the sealing layer preserves the design.

Along with these layers, the most important factor will be the pattern or design. There are so many different laminate patterns available, from colour to simple aesthetics. For instance, the most popular way to go about it right now is a hyper realistic natural looking floor.

The final consideration is just how resistant your floor is and will continue to be. Laminate flooring should be water resistant, which is down to the fact that the design should be watertight. Unfortunately most laminate can be dented, however if the layer is well done then it shouldn’t be a worry.

How do I search for the right product?

As a customer you should always begin with asking for samples to see how exactly a laminate floor is pieced together. Cheaper Laminate Flooring will have its pattern/ design repeat in 1 in 3 boards without changing it up. Higher Quality Laminate will not only look like the real thing, but will feel like it too.

Another inspection to make is the bevel edges, as the laminate foil should have smaller bevels. This is opposed to cheap laminate which will quickly deteriorate by water and spillages. In addition to, higher quality material actually being slip resistant too.

Although there is a bad reputation around laminate being susceptible to scratches, no pet will ruin a luxury laminate floor. Nor will the sun be able to ruin the colour of your long term flooring solution.

Welch Mill: Laminate Showroom St Helens

As mentioned before, Welch Mill is the laminate showroom St Helens and Wigan. We are a huge showroom will so much laminate, carpet and even vinyl floors ready for your home. So we definitely welcome you down to our Leigh base!

Alternatively, you will be able to send questions and enquiries to our team via our contact form.