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How to Maintain Artificial Grass

How to Maintain Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a low maintenance alternative to a real lawn, although many people believe that this means no maintenance. However, even though artificial lawns do not require watering or mowing like traditional lawns. There is still some upkeep required to make sure yours stays in good condition.

So, for your artificial grass installation, a regular cleaning program is always recommended to ensure the maximum life expectancy of your Welch Mill artificial grass. Due to the lawn being an outdoor product which is open to the elements, there is inevitably some periodic light work you should carry out. Plus, maintaining your artificial lawn on a regular basis will provide longevity and proves to be a good investment.

We believe that little goes along way and carrying out just a small amount of light maintenance work once a month can save you a huge job at the end of the year. Small jobs like brushing, weeding and cleaning will ensure that your artificial lawn stays looking great for years to come.

Tips on How to Keep Your Garden Tidy

Firstly, is to regularly remove leaves and debris using a leaf blower (for best results), stiff brush, or plastic rake. Additionally, to limit the number of leaves falling onto the lawn, regularly trim back hedges and overhanging trees.

Likewise, is that artificial grass is susceptible to certain weeds and mosses meaning that the odd one may come through anyway. So, regular maintenance in the form of a weed killer twice a year to the whole area is paramount. If any weeds do grow, these are easily removed.

Also, if you have pets, it is important to remove animal mess as soon as possible, followed by a wash of the area using hot soapy water where necessary.

Equally important is the knowing to avoid putting mirrors or reflective surfaces anywhere that could potentially reflect sunlight onto your lawn as this can cause burning and leave areas unrepairable.

Finally, please be aware not to use barbeques and other items that generate heat directly on the artificial lawn, as they can burn the grass due to the intense heat generated from them. So, the best place for BBQ’s is on a patio.

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These are just a few simple steps on how to maintain an artificial lawn, so it stays clean, presentable, and in the best condition for longer. So, if you have any other queries about how to care for your lawn or if you would like to discuss the benefits of artificial grass in more detail, then get in touch with a member of our team.

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