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How to measure a room for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

measure a room for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

No matter which flooring you have selected for your home the most important factor is the measurements. These need to be as precise as possible to make planning as accurate and as easy as possible. This blog will quickly highlight how exactly to measure a room for Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT).

Luxury Vinyl Flooring is known for arguably being the most cost-efficient flooring solution for domestic environments. Excelling in durability and style, every customer wants the most seamless installation process. So grab a pen and pad, here is your brief guide on how to measure your domestic floor space.

How to Measure your Room

Begin by drawing a simple diagram of your floor space with your pen and pad. Measure each side of your room from all four sides, even if your room isn’t completely rectangular. If there are any sections that have been brought in or out you simply measure their dimensions too.

If you don’t already know you also need to know exactly what kind of subfloor you have too. These lay under the flooring and are usually either solid concrete or timber floorboards. The purpose of this is to ensure that your new floor doesn’t wear against your pre-existing subfloor.

From here you can pick your new floor and begin planning using these measurements. With Luxury Vinyl Flooring tiles you need to leave about ¼ of an inch as an expansion gap around the perimeter. This is so your flooring settles in your room efficiently over time and does not cause future damage.


Why do measurements need to be exact?

Besides ensuring a professional result, there are so many reasons why these measurements need to be precise. As simple as a millimeter out can have long-term effects on your flooring, most likely damage. Wearing and friction can wear years off the lifespan of your floor.

Straying away from damage, long term appearance is another example of why these need to be accurate. A floor without visible joints will make for a lot more attractive finish and be a lot smoother underfoot. And of course, it goes without saying that if your measurements are too far out further costs may be added on.

For landlords, flooring can be tricky especially if it has begun to age over time. Little nuances around the house such as unkempt flooring can deter buyers away and may even be unsellable in that current state. In short, it is absolutely vital to be spot on with the basics even before planning.

Welch Mill will Measure a room for Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Welch Mill is always willing to help our local customers with their domestic flooring projects. This goes beyond just LVT flooring but covers carpets, laminate, and many more. In short, no matter the task Welch Mill Carpets have the solution.

With all our years of experience, the Welch Mill team is the ideal candidate to plan your project. Every intricacy will be taken into account ensuring the smoothest and most affordable installation. If you want to speak with our team about your new flooring project, simply click here.