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Why should you use Karndean flooring in your commercial spaces?

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We have a huge range of Karndean flooring in our showroom. I know we always speak about why this kind of flooring would be good in the home. However, for this blog we have decided to talk about the pros of using Karndean flooring in more commercial work space.

Welch Mill – Karndean flooring showroom

  • Slip resistant

Karndean has been specially designed in order to be HSE slip resistant. This means it meets certain government requirements to be able to be used in public environments. That includes hospitals, retirement homes and even schools.

  • Durable

Commercial places have a huge amount of footfall! So it’s essential that whatever flooring is used needs to be able to handle that amount of daily usage. Both Karndean wood and stone effect floors have been created to be able to withstand the high usage. If they do get damaged, they’re very simple to fix/replace. They’re fitted as single pieces which means you can just remove the damaged piece and replace it with a new one.

  • Cleanliness

Karndean flooring is incredibly easy to clean! No matter whether it’s dropped drinks, dust or debris or something more unsightly than that, they can be cleaned up quickly and easily. All Karndean flooring is covered with a surface protection system.This means whatever style you chose will be hygienic for years to come.

  • Appearance

In some commercial locations the flooring appearance won’t be a big issue but for other places it will be key. In our Karndean flooring showroom we stock a whole range of different styles. They include wood, stone and tile patterns. Since they are fitted as single panels it make you are able to combine two or more different styles which is helpful in environments like hospitals. It means you can guide people to certain sections just using the floor!