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Karndean flooring – what exactly is it?

karndean flooring
We know that we are constantly going on about our huge range of carpets, laminate, vinyl, rugs and flooring accessories, but we feel like we’ve left out an unsung hero within the flooring and carpet industry. And that is Karndean flooring! Many of the customers that we speak to in the Mill haven’t heard of this kind of flooring, being asked the same questions, like is Karndean scratch resistant? repeatedly. That’s why we decided it was time to write about it!

Karndean flooring

So what is Karndean flooring? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a type of flooring in its own right. It’s actually just a particular brand of luxury vinyl flooring. However, it is one of the biggest names within the vinyl flooring industry. It’s a brand that has spent over 40 years developing their products to become as impressive as they are now.

Karndean are a company who understand that quality is the most important part of any floor, so all of the different ranges have been created with the highest standard when it comes to materials and decades of technical knowledge behind each tile. All of Karndean’s luxury vinyl flooring is made to be waterproof as well as long lasting and scratch resistant. They also offer lifetime domestic warranties across their ranges.

Here at Welch Mill, we carry a range of different Karndean styles. So whether you’re looking for something with a traditional wooden or tile feel, or you want something with more colour, we’ll have what you’re looking for and more!

Is Karndean scratch resistant?

Karndean Flooring isn’t just scratch resistant, it is waterproof and made from long lasting protective layers. The guard protective layer prevent deep scratches, however, light scratches may be present, but thankfully can be removed with flooring products. Scuff marks wont be a problem, as these flooring materials is pet friendly too.

On the whole, LVP Flooring is very easy to clean, simply wipe off the residue with a mop. Alternatively, cleaning products can maintain the flooring’s shine,

Welch Mill Plank Flooring Showroom

We are based in Leigh, however thanks to our brilliant transport links we are easily accessible from Bolton, Wigan, Warrington and most of the North West. We receive carpet and flooring stock daily from across the world. So whatever flooring options you are looking for, we’re more than likely to have it in stock!