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Would laminate fit into your kitchen?

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Your kitchen is a room that gets a huge amount of usage, it’s a room that the whole family spend time in. You might have a kitchen diner which means the floor might be subject to quite a few slips and spills. So you’ll need a flooring style that will be able keep up with whatever you and your family may throw at it.

We think that laminate could be the perfect choice for your new kitchen flooring, however there are a few cons that go along with the pros.

Laminate Flooring Leigh

Two big positives that come with choosing laminate flooring is: it’s a cost effective flooring type that is incredibly durable. There’s a huge amount of different styles and patterns that you can choose from. With many having the look and feel of a more luxurious flooring type instead, like tiles.

If you choose laminate, you’re choosing a high quality flooring type that is durable, hard to damage and is water resistant. So you don’t need to worry about any accidental spillages, as they won’t have a major effect on your flooring style.

However, if laminate flooring has an issue with moisture damage if it is exposed to the liquid for a long period of time. If you allow the liquid to sit on the laminate for a long time, it can actually warp the plank and damage the top layer.

If you do cause any major damage to the laminate, you’re unable to repair the plank. You will have to replace the full piece, so we would always advise keeping a few spare pieces after your installation has been completed.

Laminate Showrooms Warrington

Here at Welch Mill Laminate Showrooms Warrington Cheshire, we carry a huge range of different laminate flooring types. With attention to detail on unique solid wood designs. We’re sure to have something that will tick all the boxes for your flooring needs. Make your bespoke kitchen your dream kitchen!

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