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What is laminate flooring?

laminate flooring bolton


There are so many kinds of flooring around nowadays, such as real wood, hard wood, Karndean and laminate flooring Bolton. So it can get confusing figuring out what each flooring actually is, and what flooring would work best in your home. This blog post is here to explain what laminate actually is and in what situations it would work best!

Laminate Flooring Bolton

Although laminate looks like wood, it is actually made of HDF, which stands for high density fibreboard. They are layered up with a super realistic photographic top. And they are then sealed with a tough, hard wearing and scratch resistant surface layer. This is why laminate flooring Bolton can look like any kind of wood. It can also be finished with a stone/brick top layer.

Alongside the hard wearing layer, laminate is also coated with a water resistant layer. This is why laminate is perfect to be used in practically any room in your home. However, it needs to be remembered that while the planks of laminate are water resistant, the joints and slats can still let water in!

Speaking of this famous hard wearing top coat, it is worth noting that it can stand up to constant, day to day usage and wear. But if it takes some serious damage, there is no repair available. You will need to purchase new pieces of laminate flooring Bolton.

But, this shouldn’t be much of a problem! Once your underlay has been fitted in place, your flooring is placed on top and is then slotted together. So if you ever do need to replace any boards, it’s a case of un-slotting the old and putting in the new.

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