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Our laminate FAQs!

laminate showrooms warrington
Here at Welch Mill, laminate showrooms Warrington we regularly get asked the same routine questions over and over when it comes to laminate. That’s why we’ve decided to create a short FAQ to help with any questions you might have!

Laminate showrooms Warrington

What is laminate? 

Well it’s a layered flooring that is built around a water proof high density fibre (HDF) board. Laminate has a few different layers and of course all laminate companies are slightly different, but there tends to always be a waterproof top layer, then the layer of design (which is the one we see) and then the HDF board.

Where in my home can I use laminate? 

Well this type of flooring is very versatile! It can be used in practically any room in your home as well as in commercial settings. However, we would suggest against using laminate in places with a lot of moisture like bathrooms, wet rooms and saunas.

What’s the best way to keep my flooring clean? 

Using a soft brush or a vacuum is the perfect way to remove any surface debris. If you need to remove any stains or spillages, just a cloth that is well wrung to avoid any excess moisture on the cloth.

Why should I chose laminate over other kinds of flooring?

Well it’s cheaper and easier to install. It’s also a lot less maintenance whilst being a lot more durable and hygienic as well as stain resistant.

What happens if a plank gets damaged?

If you do get some scratches or some damage then it’s as easy as taking out the damaged plank and just replacing it.

Welch Mill Carpets laminate FAQs

We hope that this blog has helped answer a few of your laminate based questions! But if you have any more, about laminate or any style of carpet or flooring, get in touch with the team today!