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How to lay Artificial Grass

The Perfect Places to Lay Artificial Grass

The popularity of artificial grass has completely skyrocketed in recent years. This is due to changes in the UK climate, with weather becoming far more extreme in the UK with hotter summers and rainier winters.

In addition, combined with a decline in the amount of free time average people have, subsequently has led to artificial grass being the material of choice for many with an outdoor space that they just don’t have the time to maintain. As a result of artificial grass requiring little or no effort in terms of upkeep and preservation.

Here at Welch Mill, our quality artificial grass is ultra-realistic and extremely versatile. Meaning it will improve the look of any size of space, including shaded areas where real grass struggles to grow.

Artificial grass was initially created to be used in sports pitches, as these pitches tend to receive heavy use. Artificial grass is now widely used for sports such as football, tennis, cricket, and much more.

Here are some of the most popular and perfect places you will find Artificial Grass:


Artificial grass is perfect for your lawn due to certain qualities. It is UV resistant and has resistance towards heat and frost with high durability. Making it perfect for your outdoors as it lasts for an exceptionally long time. It also has great drainage and has a more dense and plush quality.

Play Areas

Its imperative that a playground provides a soft surface whilst being able to withstand foot traffic. That’s why artificial grass is perfect fir your children’s play area. It will function as a landing pad that’s far softer than a patio or decking.

Pet Owners

One of the main benefits of artificial grass for pet owners is, its easy maintenance.

Of course, dogs, cats, and rabbits love to dig, but this can leave a natural lawn a patchy, muddy mess. Whereas with artificial grass, your pets can play to their heart’s content without any damage to your garden, and no more muddy paws in the house!

Furthermore, if your dog needs to use the turf as his private bathroom, there is no hassle in keeping your artificial grass clean. All you need to do is, hose down the liquid waste from the grass, while the solid waste can be just picked up and disposed of.

artificial grass

Narrow Side Areas of Your Garden

The problem is with narrow side areas is that they get heavy use or little sunshine which makes natural lawn difficult to grow. Consequently, with the help of Welch Mill we can cover your garden side areas with artificial grass. To make the area look more appealing on the eye and more practical. Moreover, offering a greener realistic look, which can also stand foot traffic. Especially when the bins are being pulled from the side of your house to the streets.

if you would like to discuss the benefits of artificial grass in more detail, then get in touch with a member of our team.

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