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Luxury Vinyl Tiles or Laminate Flooring?

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If you’re looking to replace your flooring then your best two options would be either luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or laminate. Here at Welch Mill we stock both of these types of flooring alongside many more. And we admit that it can be a little bit of a mine field when it comes to choosing what flooring would work the best in your home as they’re all slightly different. So this week’s blog is all about the difference between LVT and laminate.

LVT – 

Vinyls have been used in homes and commercial properties for years, it’s both aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing. Normal vinyl tends to come in long sheets that can be cut to fit a room in one single piece. However, LVT comes in single planks, much like laminate, real wood etc. The main difference between the two types of vinyl flooring is that LVT has thicker individual layers compared to sheet vinyl. As the name also says, LVT is more luxurious than sheet vinyl. You can buy LVT that looks like solid wood or even marble floors! And thanks to the layers, vinyl is completely water resistant and very durable when it comes to scratches and marks.

Laminate – 

Laminate is a impressive replacement for real wood flooring which can be very expensive and take a lot of maintenance. It’s made up of layers (similar to LVT) and finally topped with a protective layer. It’s super simple to install as the grooves just click together and it’s a style of flooring that has the lowest maintenance. Laminate is renowned for being resilient, and although it’s not completely water proof, it’s able to handle the day to day spillages.

Laminate showrooms Warrington

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