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LVT Flooring vs Karndean Flooring

LVT Flooring vs Karndean Flooring

Two of the most popular choices when it comes to flooring on the market are LVT Flooring and Karndean Flooring. Many customers often confuse the two, perhaps due to their luxury appearances. Whilst similar in some ways, these are two completely different products each with different nuances.

Welch Mill has put this blog together to outline the advantages and ultimately which is most cost-efficient. In addition to being a great guide for first-time flooring buyers, who need that extra information.

What is LVT Flooring and what is Karndean flooring?

LVT Flooring (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is made up of metre widths capturing a natural-looking yet classy appearance. This makes it a no-brainer for blending into gorgeous home decor, especially living rooms and kitchens. LVT is a great way of giving tiled flooring that smoother appearance in domestic settings, both stone, and wood.

On the other hand, Karndean Flooring is made up using separate tiles which are used for unique patterns and designs. This is with the addition of an authentic wood feel. It is these manufacturing differences and prices that really set these two floors apart.

Each of these two floorings aims to make a statement in your home. No matter if it is just one room or brightening up the home, these are two popular floors for a reason. For reasonable prices in Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring, browse the Welch Mill showroom.


The Differences

Durability is the biggest difference between the two, Karndean certainly being the harder-wearing one. However, LVT Flooring is much stiffer flooring thus is the ideal of the two for durability. Both are stain and water-resistant for LVT is certainly the all-rounder.

In terms of appearance, it is very subjective; however, the differences are undeniable. Karndean Flooring is often more detailed, and a lot more authentic looking in terms of wood flooring. LVT Flooring is very detailed in design and a wider range is available at varying different price ranges.

On the topic of price, LVT Flooring is definitely the more cost-efficient investment. Whilst Karndean is more expensive for purely being more authentic and offers a superlong guarantee. However, LVT is cheaper and as mentioned has longevity. but the overall cost allows customers to experiment with different Luxury Vinyl Tiles likes over time.

Shop LVT Flooring Near Me

Welch Mill has been providing high-quality Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring for many years now. By working with big, reliable brands we have stayed ahead of the trends and provide timeless floors. Ultimately, this flooring is the most affordable solution so come to Welch Mill’s huge Leigh showroom.

However, we don’t stop there as we have a huge range of carpets, vinyl, and laminate floors too. All of this means that you will certainly be spoilt for choice. In addition to the most reasonable prices currently on the market.

So measure your floor space and get in touch as soon as possible! The Welch Mill team can easily answer any of your burning questions and queries.