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Myth Busting – Laminate Edition

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Laminate is slowly becoming one of the most popular flooring type available. It’s a flooring style that works in practically every room in your home. But there are still a few myths and misconceptions floating around about laminate flooring. In this blog, we’re going to dive into some laminate flooring myths and bust them for you, so you can confidently shop for your new flooring.

Laminate Showroom Warrington

  • It looks cheap

Maybe back in the day when laminate first came out, designs were limited and it may have looked cheap compared to the patterns and designs that are available now. Laminate now comes in a range of different finishes including a hard wood and real wood finish.

  • It can’t be repaired, it needs to be replaced

This may have started with people getting confused between laminate and either linoleum or vinyl. Laminate is installed in planks which means if one does get damaged, it can easily be removed and fixed. You don’t need to pull up the whole flooring, just that one specific piece. However, we would only recommend this in extreme cases. You can now purchase specific repair kits and wax pencils that can deal with scratches and dints.

  • Hard to maintain

With the way that laminate is installed, there is no gaps in which dirt or debris can get caught. This in turn makes the floor easy to clean and maintain. The only thing you need to be aware of when it comes to cleaning laminate is not to get it too wet. Avoid using a traditional mop and use a spray mop instead. You can hoover up first to collect any large piece of dirt then the spray mop will just add in the shine.

Welch Mill Laminate Showrooms Warrington

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