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A New Carpet for Christmas!


Christmas time is rapidly approaching, a hectic time of year that can become even more stressful with shabby or worn flooring. Especially if you are having the family around, potentially ruining the festive feel due to your outdated flooring.

If this is the case then why not visit Welch Mill Carpets to treat yourself to a new carpet for Christmas. Think of it as an early present that’s going to bring joy and cheer for many years.

This December, and into the New Year our carpet experts and carpet fitters are here to ensure that you feel warm and cosy within your living room this Christmas or early 2022.

New Carpet Considerations?

Nothing is worse than cold, worn flooring during the winter. Essentially, your carpet is installed to make your house feel warm and cosy carpet is cosy in winter, but it should be a carpet that looks good and all year round.

Having a new carpet for Christmas will make your room the perfect place to share some festive cheer. And, if you choose something that is hard-wearing your carpets will be around for many years to come.

Carpet shopping isn’t all about the big brands, choosing the right colour, material and texture are very important when it comes to new carpet considerations. So, we have outlined a basic guide to carpet shopping this Christmas.

  • When it comes to updating the appearance of your flooring, the colour will always be your first thought. Working out the appropriate colour or pattern to fit the décor is the beginning of narrowing down your choices.
  • Carpet material will be next, for a living room you will most likely be after durable flooring. For this we recommend either nylon or polyester flooring ideal for heavy traffic, overall resistance and to cushion furniture.
  • For lounging around, you will of course be concerned about texture. A soft polyester or wool flooring will feel like heaven, but lack the hard-wearing factor.  At this point you may decide to sacrifice some durability for comfort or vice versa.

New Carpet Cost

The cost of flooring may worry you from the beginning or may completely put you off buying a carpet. Welch Mill Carpets can work around this, offering you the biggest brands and most unique flooring at affordable prices.

At our carpet and flooring superstore, you will certainly be surrounded by quality carpeting at the most reasonable prices on the market. Plus, our discount range is more than a bargain bin; we are offering quality carpeting and some of the cheapest prices in the North West!

Welch Mill welcome North West buyers to our huge Leigh Showroom.