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Making a statement with your new rug!

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We’ve seen a huge rise in harder flooring being use all around the house. If you have a busy household, whether that’s with kids, pets or anything in between, then it might make sense to have laminate or vinyl tile flooring across both your living room and kitchen. But sometimes having a cold flooring style in your living room just doesn’t give you the cosy vibes that you might want. Here at Welch Mill Carpet Showroom Bolton, we have a huge range of rugs for you to choose from. Here are our top tips on how to choose the right rug.

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There are a few ways in which you can choose to go with your rugs.

You could go down the neutral route, you could choose a rug that’s either brown, grey, cream etc. If you’ve got a really bright colourful living room already, then this could add a touch of cosy without overpowering what you already have in the room. Either way, this style of rug fits right in to practically all colour schemes.

If you have a neutral living, then you might want to go the opposite way and choose a rug that is bright and colourful. Something that can become a real focus piece in your room. Or if you have a specific colour running through your room, then getting a matching coloured rug can really tie it all together.

You could even push the boat out a little more and choose a patterned rug. When it comes to patterned rugs, the world is your oyster. You could go as wild or as mild as you like! Due to the nature of patterned rugs, they don’t tend to stain or look as dirty as other rugs may.

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If you think your living room could do with a rug, then why not come down to Welch Mill and take a look at our extensive rug collection! We have rugs in all shapes, sizes, colours and patterns.