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What size planks should you choose for your flooring?

laminate showrooms st helens
Many people come to us knowing what kind of flooring or carpet they want and a lot of the time they know what kind of colour or finish they want their flooring to have. But one thing that many people don’t think about is how wide or narrow they want their flooring planks to be.

So how do you decide which style would work the best in your room?

Laminate showrooms St Helens

Well first you need to take into account your room size. If you have a smaller room we would suggest going for wide planks. They’re less busy and help to make the room feel roomier. We would also suggest going with a lighter colour to give the feel of openness. You could use either size in a large room. Narrow planks used to be used in formal setting and they still give a more traditional feel. However, some people like a mix of both sizes in large rooms to add a feeling of depth and texture.

Cost can also be a big thing for people. Wider planks tend to be more expensive than their narrower counterparts. But on the flip side, wider planks are easier to fit than narrow planks. So you may end up saving some money on fitting costs, so it is worth sitting down and working out which could save you the most in the long run.

Welch Mill Carpets and Flooring

In our laminate showrooms St Helens, we have a huge amount of stock on display including real wood planks. We have a range of different colours, finishes and of course different plank sizes.

If you’re interested in updating or replacing your current flooring, why not come down to our showroom and let our experienced showroom staff and flooring fitters do all the hard work!