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Our top reasons why you should take the time to get your carpet professionally cleaned!

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Your carpet and flooring is one of those items in your household that is in constant use. So it makes sense that it should be taken care of, cleaned and maintained so that it lasts you as long as it should. As a carpet showroom Warrington we often have people coming in and asking how can they get their carpets looking as fresh as the day they were fitted. Well our number one suggestion is taking the time to have your caret professionally cleaned. You might be thinking what’s the point in cleaning my carpet when it’s rainy and miserable outside? But we couldn’t think of a better time! Why not start your spring cleaning off with your carpets?

Top reasons to get your carpet Professionally cleaned –

One of the biggest things that come with getting your carpets professionally cleaned is that it can extend the life of your carpet. Over time it’s only natural that dust and dirt can become deeply ingrained in the carpet fibers. But this can happen to the point where your domestic hoover won’t be able to reach and suck it out. Having it professionally cleaned uses hot water which is more effective to remove the build up of debris. This leads on to our second point, keeping your carpets as clean as possible can have health benefits. If anyone in your home suffers from breathing conditions, the small particles in the carpet can flare this up. We would suggest hoovering at least three times a week along side a regular deep clean would really help them.

The most obvious reasoning to have your carpet cleaned is for the appearance! A deep clean is perfect for getting rid of spots and stains that you might not be able to get rid of otherwise. That includes: coffee, dirt, mud, ink and pet stains.

Talking about stains, we know the number one cause of stains are kids and pets. Of course they don’t mean too, but that doesn’t make the stain any less annoying. And we understand that having a busy life means you might not have the time to keep your carpet looking ship-shape. Hence another reason to have your carpets professionally cleaned!

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If you have any other issues with your carpets or any style of flooring, why not come down to our carpet showroom Warrington and speak to our flooring experts?