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The pros of vinyl flooring

vinyl flooring warrington

Vinyl flooring Warrington is one of the most popular styles of flooring in our showroom at the moment. And, here at Welch Mill, we stock a wide range of options for this material and we’re constantly in receipt of good feedback about our vinyl installations! So, we thought we would go through some of the great benefits of vinyl flooring:


When it comes to waterproofing, vinyl tiles take the edge in the flooring industry. Vinyl is known for being just about impervious to spillages of any kind. Therefore, vinyl tiles are seen more often in kitchen and bathroom areas than other flooring. 


In addition, vinyl flooring is known for being a cheap  and cost-effective flooring solution. So, compared to the more luxury flooring options you could be saving yourself lots of money that you can spend elsewhere on your home. Also, this flooring is on the easier side to fit making the work take less time; thus being cheaper again! So, these advantages go well with the long lifespan, overall you will get value for your money.


Finally, vinyl flooring can be easily maintained with regular sweeping and mopping. Although, spillages may need to be dealt with fast as it may damage or stain the floor. So, if you do spill something on your vinyl, its best to deal with it straight away. But, for the most part, vinyl flooring can handle most spillages well.  And because vinyl is easily kept clean and it is a great choice for hygienic floor lovers and people with certain allergies.

Welch Mill – Vinyl flooring showroom Warrington

So, if you are interested in getting some vinyl flooring Warrington then look no further than Welch  Mill. We have a long selection of choices in the vinyl flooring showroom, come on down and have a look!