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Rugs at our North West carpet showroom

If you like the idea of a carpet and its texture, but don’t really want it covering the entirety of your room, then why not opt for a rug? Choose a rug to finish off a room. Granted, carpets are generally thicker than rugs but rugs still offer a certain comfort underfoot. They also come in a more diverse range of patterns than carpet, giving you a lot more choice of how you want your room to look.

Why not come and visit our showroom? 

Welch Mill Flooring Superstore prides itself on its huge range of rugs and roll stock.

Our expert carpet fitters are waiting on hand ready to come and lay your ideal flooring. Coupled with our free estimates service, we think it’s time you came to visit us; you owe it to yourself!

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Alternative carpet ideas with Welch Mill

A big advantage rugs have over their traditional carpet counterparts is they’re easily moved. Carpets, once fitted, are obviously fixed to the floor and you have to start pulling it all up if you’re not happy with it. However, if you aren’t happy with the position of your rug, you can move it around until you’re happy. Even though they are a similar material, rugs have the scope to be moved and washed properly if a spill does occur. This all may seem like common sense, but it’s worth considering all options when deciding between carpet, laminate flooring or rugs.

Rugs are extremely versatile. They can also be enjoyed as a budget option whilst you’re waiting to get a new carpet. They can cover a multitude of sins! Plus, rugs can create a different dynamic within a room, adding character and personality. What’s more, their colour, style, texture and size are all up to you and what you want from a room. Offsets of the material can also be used in other rooms to keep a theme going. Try using them at doors to create doormats in keeping with your desired look.

Complete the look of your room with a charismatic rug

Maybe you’re toying with the idea of a carpet. However, you’re a bit wary as you’re so used to other types of flooring. A rug can be the perfect way to get used to an alternative material in your room. So why delay? Visit Welch Mill and spruce up your floors with us today.