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How to save money when it comes to your flooring

vinyl flooring Warrington
Here at Welch Mill we’re proud to be known as one of the UK’s biggest carpet and flooring providers! We have stock coming in from all over Europe and even the world which means we’ve got a massive range of different carpets, laminates and vinyl flooring Warrington. And thanks to our years of experience in the flooring industry we’ve come up with a few handy tips that you can use to help save money when it comes to your flooring.

save money with Welch Mill

  • Choose a flooring type with good insulation

This means you’re going to end up saving money on your heating and energy bills. Many kinds of wood flooring, including engineered flooring is brilliant at insulating your home. Pairing this with a good underlay means your home is going to be toasty warm without the big bill.

  • Choose a suitable flooring type

If you’ve got lots of kids or pets, then it’s more than likely you’re going to avoid carpets altogether due to the mess factor. If you’ve installed underfloor heating then you can’t have flooring that’s made from 100% natural ingredients. So it’s all about taking into account the room, what the usage of the flooring will be, how hard wearing or easy cleaning you need it to be.

  • Try some DIY

If you’re handy with a hammer, then why not try installing the flooring yourself? If you’re not, don’t worry we have a team of professional fitters ready and waiting for your call.

  • Shop around and do some price matching

It’s always worth looking around to see the best price for the flooring style that you want. Of course, we’re sure to be one of the cheapest around (if not the cheapest) but for any major purchases not just your flooring, it’s always worth shopping around before making a final purchase.