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Making the most out of what little space you have

About Welch Mill
After spending so long at home, within the same four walls we wouldn’t blame you if you felt like the walls were closing in on you a little bit. Maybe it time to have a refresh and make the most of the space you currently have available. There are some clever home interior tips that you can put into place that can help make your small room look and feel bigger!

Home improvement tips

One of the easiest places to start is by changing what you currently have in your windows. Why not get some floor to ceiling curtains? They can help elongate the room and in turn make it feel a lot taller than it is. You could even look at getting blinds which allow a huge amount of light into your room whilst also maintaining a level of privacy.

Another simple change you could carry out is adding in a feature wall or changing your room’s colour scheme. Adding in a feature wall could be as easy as adding some wallpaper to the main wall in the room. Try to think in extremes, go either incredibly light or dark depending on your surroundings.

When it comes to flooring, adding a strategically placed rug into your room can help make your room seem bigger. The rug can give the impression of extra square footage and it can help break up the monotone flooring.

Talking about flooring, we would always recommend using lighter colours in a smaller sized room. Darker colours can make the floor seem smaller than it actually is. Wider planks also seem to work better in smaller sized rooms, and pairing that with the planks being installed parallel to the longest wall will really give your room some extra dimensions.

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If you think your room could be improved with some new flooring, why not get in touch with one of the team here at Welch Mill Carpets Warrington?